How did the Golden Globes compare to Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015?

How did the Golden Globes compare to Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015?

It’s been a busy start to the year across our 11 offices after we received some fantastic news just before Christmas. Marketing material is now being edited, big meetings are taking place and morale is at an all time high after our efforts throughout 2015 were recognised at the ‘Oscars‘ of Estate Agency events at the Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015 in December. With the Golden Globes still sending shock-waves across the internet, we thought we’d compare the two ceremonies to see which comes out on top:

  • The Host


Ricky Gervaismatt dawson

Sunday Times Host

There’s absolutely no way to avoid Ricky Gervais’ media powerhouse whenever he is up to something and the aftermath of the Golden Globes is still being discussed real time across the internet. The awkwardness of the event will be etched in the public’s mind for months to come. On the other hand, the Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015 saw ex-England rugby scrum-half, Matt Dawson take the reins in London whilst Penny Smith added some zest and spice, providing a just as comical yet nowhere near controversial evening!


  • The Venue


Beverly Hilton

The Lacaster Hotel hosting The Sunday Times Awards

Both ceremonies took place at glitzy venues, whilst the stars were collecting their awards and enjoying an incredible evening…the actors and actresses were at the Beverley Hills Hilton across the pond.

The Lancaster Hotel just outside Hyde Park played the perfect host for the impressive evening back in London for The Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015.


  • The Winners


leo j law

Sunday-Times-Social-Media Sunday-Times-Training

Sunday-Times-Med-Agency Sunday-Times-SE

Just as the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Sylvester Stallone thanked the team around them for their successes, we look to our staff and the collective Howard Cundey family for the hard work they put in throughout 2015. We set some ambitious targets at the start of the year and nothing makes us prouder than seeing the team exceed expectations and continually push for perfection.


We won four awards in total at the Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2015 but here’s where the hard work really starts. We are driven to excel as always and will continue being innovative in the way we work to provide the best service we can for our clients.

See you again in December at The Estate Agency of the Year Awards – 2016!


The Sunday Times Awards and The Golden Globe